Privates Notes & Mortgages

Do you own a private note secured by a real estate mortgage and want to collect a lump sum payoff rather than wait for smaller monthly payments to come in? Have you considered selling it?


Although the regular income may have sounded like a nice idea at one time there may come a time when you want to raise cash for another investment, a large purchase, college tuition, a child’s wedding, or just to pay off high-interest debt. Selling a note is a viable option, and it can many times be easier and more expeditious than applying for a loan at the bank.


As a seasoned note buyer we can make the process convenient for you and typically complete the transaction within a few weeks. Selling the note/mortgage is one of the easiest ways to get cash out and simultaneously remove the risk of your borrower’s possible default if you continue to hold it in the future. We focus on notes secured by mortgages on real estate; residential, office and retail up to ½ million dollars and we’ll be happy to give you a free no-obligation price quote on your note.


Please simply email us at and we will respond with a short list of information that we need in order to provide you an attractive cash offer.